Best Rated 42 Inch Tv stand (Top 3 Of 2017)

A few days ago, I have a buddy who wanted to buy a tv stand about 42 inch but couldn’t make a good choice, therefore he came to me for some advice. Well, I knowit is not that easy. As we all know there exists countless tv stands on the market for consumers to pick from and in case that the consumer don’t surely know what they need they may buy some goods performing bad. So, now I will try my best to check out the real situation of Best Rated 42 Inch Tv stand on the market.

Just guess what happened? The fact is that there exists a great amount of good-featured tv stand on line. The good is really good, and the bad is really bad. It’s quite difficult for you to pick out a really good one.And now I have found it, which is so amazing and worth while that you should never miss it.

Best Rated 42 inch tv stand:Top Picks

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TV stand buying guide

Nowadays, televisions are getting thinner, and the furniture they sit on are getting leaner, too. Basically, TV stands are often what you need to hold your media essentials and flat-panel TV. They are often smaller than full entertainment centers but still having plenty of shelves for  some media storage and a few components.Besides, although you may want to hang the TV on the wall, you might hope have a TV stand underneath it to hold the video game system, the cable box, and DVD player. Before you begin to pick out a TV stand there are something necessary you should know.

(1) size

No matter What style you want to choose, just be aware of the room’s dimensions and your television’s size. If you already have a flat-screen TV, the depth will not be an issue due to the TV stand can be deeper than the original television. If you already have a new traditional CRT television, while an entertainment stand, which is so deep that the TV won’t hang over the front or back. It’s a mistake, which is unsightly and hazardous.


The height of TV stand can be based on preference, while consider this rule of thumb: Position the TV so the lower part of the screen is level to the sightline of TV-viewing . Of course, if there is a tall chair, you can consider to get a taller TV stand; while, if you like a low couch, then a short TV cabinet can also be OK.

Top Three 42 Inch TV Stand I Recommend Today

Sauder Harvest Mill Panel 42 Inch TV Stand, Abbey Oak Finish

Now The price of it is about $100.00, the former price is around $150, so you can save about $50, if you choose the good tv stand right now. This TV Stand is made by Sauder and it has an Abbey Oak finish, which can accommodates up to a 42 TV that weighs 95 lbs more or less. Divided shelving can provide dedicated storage for the video or audio components. And it can feature an good adjustable center shelf. Its storage area, which behind the doors can hold DVDs and CDs.


  • Can hold up to a 42 TV
  • Having divided shelving for video or audio
  • Behind doors having hidden storage

Customer reviews

It is a great goods for the money. I almost took about 3 hours to assemble. The instruction of itwas clear, and the pieces were not hard to identify. There are neither missing pieces nor hardware. I can even assemble it by myself. The packaging of if for shipping was exceptional.Basically, the old Sauder box was often packed inside a shipping box. And , there are no damaged pieces, though my recycle bin was really full when it was said and done. Besides, the assembled stand is really sturdy, heavy, and it looks like quite a nice piece of furniture. I’mquite content with this purchase and would never hesitate to recommend.

Sauder Beginnings 42 Inch TV Stand with Drawers, Cinnamon Cherr

The price of this 42 Inch tv stand is under $100 , its original price is about $150 ,now you can save about $50 if you purchase this product. This goods can hold up to a 46’s TV . It has two drawers, which are with easy-glide metal runners. Besides, it has two adjustable good shelves which is useful and convenient for your family life. You have to admit a fact that the product has high Quality and looks good. It’s really a must buy goods.


  • It can holds up to a 46 TV
  • It matches two drawers, which with easy-glide metal runners
  • It has two adjustable shelves, which is exquisite and looks good

Customer reviews

It’s amazing. The directions of it was extremely clear even if the tv stand was time consuming, and it was quite fairly easy to be put together.

Sauder Carson Forge Panel 42 TV Stand

The price of this 42 Inch tv stand is under 200 dollar, its former price is about 300 dollar, and now you can save about 150 dollar if you buy this goods. Our friend, Carson Forge, reminds us of the goods’ quality, with this important factor American products could still be made. The casual design is cleverly integrated with updated functionality, including pull-outs, cord management, and dedicated storage to help accommodate current entertainment and office techniques.


  • Its accommodates can up to a 47″ TV, which weighs 95 pounds or less
  • There are adjustable shelves behind every framed safety-tempered glass door
  • It has enclosed back panel, which is with cord access
  • This product is really eligible for any free replacement parts.

Customer reviews

I love the TV stand, it looks great and is easy to assemble.

Best Choice From The 3 Best 42 Inch TV Stand

Above all, the first one, this fantastic and worthwhile 42 Inch tv stand, should be your best choice.

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