Best Cheap 55 Inch Tv Stand (Top 3 Of 2017)

You just bought A 55 inch TV. Now what to do next? Hang it on the wall? No, this move would make your TV not perform its advatages to the fullest. You need A GOOD VALUE 55 inch tv stand to enhance your viewing pleasure and for storage as well

However, you can’t determine any 55 inch tv stand just simply by its beautiful appearance, which may lead to poor quality and unstable structure.Here, through reading the best wood 55 inch tv stand we found from several vital factors but customers easily ignore, you can not only get the best 55 inch tv stand into consideration, but also know their selecting methods.

Comparison chart:Best 55 inch tv stand of 2017

To roundly recongnizing the quality of a TV stand, we take these parts into consideration: construction, style, materials, sculpture, customer reviews, price. By comparing these product details, we always help our readers get their satisfied 55 inch tv stand with mount and won their praise. We are proud of your satisfaction. And our comparison chart always keep updated, which ensure your choice always stay advanced.

How to select the Best 55 inch tv stand?

Even though online shopping is a good way to save money, shorting of firsthand experience will easily misleading you. Well, the following ways would ensure you buy the best affordable 55 inch tv stand.

Contruction:The construction plays a significant role in the overall stability of the tv stand, make sure your TV safely stay there.

Style:The tv stand usually locateds in a place complimenting any home decor. So it should best fit the style of your house. Most people like sleek elegant design.

Materials:The materials determine your stand whether easily be damaged. They are usually metal, wood and rubber. In general, the wood is solider and more elegant, suiting the need of most family.

Sculpture:The elegant sculpture and meticulous details on the tv stand can improve the taste of your house.

Customer reviews:As the most effective factor, it would help you know the real performance of the tv stand. The pros and cons are both in your hands.

Through combining above factors, it’s a piece of cake to buy a good value 55 inch tv stand.

Best Cheap 55 Inch Tv Stand (Top 3 Of 2017)

Simpli Home Artisan 55 Inch TV Stand, Medium Auburn Brown

Until now, the Simpli Home Artisan is the most popular wood 55 inch TV stand I found on in 2015. It’s designed for people like you, pursuing  a warm contemporary styling to your home, plenty of space and storage for all your media and gaming devices and economocal price. This TVstand is sized perfectly for TVs up to 60 inches and puts your TV at the 35 inch height which is ideal for comfortable viewing. Moreover, The unit is armed with cord management cutouts for light installation of media components like TVs. The choice of most people usually won’t be wrong, so it’s worthy of your purchase.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Distinct contemporary look with clean angle edged table top
  • Protective nc lacquer finish with medium brown auburn brown stain finish
  • Perfect for TVs up to 60 inches
  • multiple closed and open drawers and storage compartments to fit all of your gaming and media devices

Reasons to buy

  • Large storage to fit your devices
  • Big discounts on help you save money a lot.
  • Blend into various living and family room settings
  • he richness of the Medium Auburn Brown Finish


Its price in official website is more than 500 dollars, but now there is a big discount up to 50% on Amazon. You can check out whether there still is.

Best 55 inch TV Stand With Mount

Mount-It! Flat Panel LED, LCD, Plasma TV Mount and 3 Tempered Glass Shelves, Glass Entertainment Center Combo, Durable Steel Frame

Do you still hesitate between a wall mounted TV with no space put your media components or a TV stand? Don’t worry. With MI-863, you can own the best of both worlds, have plenty of room for AV components and still elevate your flat panel TV. It offers smooth curves and clean lines that compliments some 70-inch and any flat panel 32-55-inch TV. Besides, large open shelves to put all of your media components on.

Customer reviews

The glass is really quite thick that makes me more comfortable with my four kids. There is lots of space with all the electronic items. I would recommend this 55 inch tv stand to anyone looking for a classy television/centerpiece stand for their home!it’s definitely worth the price as well!

Another Choice? Check Out This 55 Inch TV Stand

Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza

The Sauder Edge 55 inch TV Stand is also a good product we want to recommend to you, which purposely taller than a standard TV stand and its highboy perfectly fits for ease of viewing in the bedroom while lounging. When storing what you prefer hidden througn using the drawers, the Edge Water creates a relaxed oasis for any room, built to hold four audio/video components. What’s more, the Estate Black finish owns a warm brown undertone allowing it to harmonize with most decor and color. More importantly, as a wood funiture, its price is under 200 dollars on

Customer reviews

This 55 inch stand is awesome. Everything fits like a glove. Everything looks tip-top. No forcing, no sticking drawers. It is very sturdy and very heavy. If it wanted to, it could hold 95 pounds easily. It lifts up my TV as I was hoping.

If I were you

Each of the above products has their own distinguishing features. If i were you, the Simpli would be my first choice and my best cheap 55 inch tv stand. For one thing, its elegant style and design fits most people’ s taste and easily improve ypour taste. For another thing, its construction and durable NC lacquer both in good quality, ensuring your collection worthy.

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