Best Budget 65 inch TV Stand Of 2017(Updated)

If you are still hesitating about how to choose the best TV stand for you large TV, Try stopping at this personal comparison report,which has been prepared for people like you who want to get the best cheap 65 inch TV stand.

Hi, I am Brian, I have been doing such kind of thing(Job) for more than one year. Every day I spend lots of time to search for those best-sellers on Amazon, read their introductions and check those users’ comments, in order to offer some of you the best choice.How do you like this kind of report? come what way, you may have a general idea about choosing a TV stand suitable for your TV and your room here, I do think much of your final pick of the best budget 65 inch TV stand today.

Comparison chart: Best affordable 65 inch TV stand

The following comparison chart shows you some best-sellers of 65 inch TV stand, besides, if you read carefully this comparison chart, you will know more about how to choose the best TV stand. All the information comes from Amazon and they’re all advanced products. In order to offer you the best choice, this chart has been updated.

How to choose the best budget 65 inch TV stand?

First of all, you’d better decide your budget. Since there exist so many products of different price levels in the market, you can decide what to buy according to the price. Then, choose a reliable website is the most importable thing. I’ll highly recommend Amazon to you, because it’s the choice of most buyers of furniture. Besides, there are so many kinds of TV stand, for example corner TV stand which is suitable for those small rooms, and platform TV Stands which are large and minimalist, TV Hutches which are tradition and the TV is enclosed inside, TV Consoles and Credenzas which are designed for entertainment stands. Last but not least, you’d better know about their material. Is it made of metal, stainless steel or wood? In this way, you can get the best 65 inch TV stand.

Best Rated 65 Inch TV Stand I Recommend Today

Best-sellers of those best 65 inch TV stands

Furniture of America Torena Multi-Storage 65 inch TV Stand

This 65 TV stand is quite large with elegant appearance. It will go well with your living room and your large LED TV. Woody construction is durable to use and excellent to watch. Enough storage space is for your entertainment devices and other things, such as books, photo frames, vase, etc.

  1. Equipped with two large drawers as well as those silver stained handles, it has plenty of room
  2. Four open shelves are perfect place for gaming consoles orDVD player
  3. Slanted side panels are designed for better appearance. And you can place more things on raised side shelves
  4. The sturdy MDF and wood veneers ensure durable and long-lasting use
  5. Dimension: 66″W x 18″D x 23″H

Reason to buy

  1. Plenty of storage room is also the key point when you’re choosing a TV stand. This stand will satisfy your demand of large room. Two drawers along with for open shelves are enough for you.
  2. Constructed by MDF and wood veneers, it’s of high quality. Users think highly of its durability.
  3. Perfect appearance will attract you at the first sight.

Best Price

You can spend less than 300 dollars to get this product. If you buy it on Amazon, you may get more discounts, because there’s usually some sales promotion on it. You’d better check it if you are interested in it.

In-depth Review

Click here for The In-depth reviews on Furniture of America Torena Multi-Storage TV Stand

Whalen Furniture AVCEC65-TC Table 65 Inch Entertainment Stand

Here comes the second 65“ TV Stand, it’s an entertainment TV stand which can accommodate flat panel TVs up to 135 lbsand 65 Inch.An entertainment stand means that it can hold so many devices of entertainment and it has more storage room than other products. This stand has three stories which allow you to place your devices. Modern bent plywood legs support firmly the stand; besides, sturdy steel construction makes sure its good quality. If you want a simple, useful and durable entertainment stand, you can’t miss it.

Users’ reviews

Some users find it a little bit difficult to assemble it. After using it, they say that this TV stand is perfect for a 60 inch TV but not for a 65 inch TV which may make it bows slightly. However, it’s still a bargain to get it. It looks elegant and amazing, and it’s good to use. That’s what we looking for.

Innovex Oxford 65-Inch TV Stand

If you prefer an entertainment stand, here’s another choice. This product may attract you because of its low price and cool appearance. It measures 65″ wide and it’s designed for Plasmas and DLP TV, so it accommodates from 42″ to 73″ flat screen. Made by black powder coating metal frame and stylish tempered glass, this product is solid to use and cool to look. Its contemporary design will go well with your decoration of your living room. Such an affordable and amazing TV stand, you will fall in love with it. It doesn’t have too much complicated designs, but it will be good for your daily use. You can put your TV and DVD on it.

Reviews of users

Users find that it’s a sturdy stand which is quite heavy. Every part is well built and after assembling them, this 65 inch TV stand looks really cool. But there are also some users find it’s of poor quality. Those parts are easy to break down. However, it doesn’t take so much money and there’s no doubt that you’ll get what you pay.

What is your choice?

If I were you, there’s no doubt that I will choose the first product. Even if it cost the most, it’s the best product with the best quality. A TV stand should be useful and durable, and the first product does well in all these two aspects. It has large storage room with more drawers and shelves. Besides, the material is beautiful and solid. It’s the best affordable 65 inch TV stand for you. Are you still hesitating? You can compare it with other two products, and you’ll agree with me. Go to Amazon and search it, it won’t let you down.

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