Best Affordable Modern TV stand For 50/60/65 Inch TV

Now, To pick the Best Affordable Modern TV stand For 50/60/65 Inch TV  is the rarest thing in the world now, Most of you are trying to find one, that is all.  I know your need, please try stopping your search and focus my person comparison report here.

Hi, This is Brian and welcome. I want to say I have been through my fair share of Tv stands over years, Only this time it was for Best Affordable Modern TV stand of 2016. Here, As one of  folks being addicted to furniture choice, I can help you.

To be all eagerness to view what I have discovered these days,Please Read on to find my top picks of 70″ TV stand comparison chart, buying guide and In-depth reviews.

Comparison chart: Best Affordable Modern TV stand For 50/60/65 Inch TV

This comparison chart lists some best-sellers of 70 inch TV stand for you, and it also compare them in different aspects, for example, price, features, material and design. All these products rank highly on the sale list of Amazon and they have good reputation among users. In order to make this chart, we have read the product introductions and users’ reviews carefully. Therefore, all the information is reliable and updated instantly.

Guide:Things You Should Consider When Picking TV stand

First of all, this kind of TV stands maybe quite large or heavy, so you’d better pay attention to its size and design to see if it can go well with your room and your decoration style.

After that, you can consider about its features. For example, if you prefer those with more storage space, you can try those entertainment TV stands. If you prefer those which take less space, you can take a coin stand.

Then, you’d better think about the material. There are stands made of stainless steel, wood and metal. You can choose one according to your budget and your preference. Last but not least, there are so many products with high cost performance on Amazon. You don’t need to spend too much to get your favorite 70 inch TV stand. So, why don’t you visit Amazon occasionally to find if there are some sales promotions?

Best-sellers of those Best Affordable Modern TV stand

Sauder Entertainment Large Center in Cinnamon Cherry For 50 Inch TV

Best Affordable Modern TV standI’m sure that you will fall in love with it at the first sight. This large guy is quite cool. Equipped with so much storage room, it’s more than a TV stand. You can also use it as a bookshelf or display case where you put all your collection on it. There’s no doubt that it takes so much space. But if you have a large living room, you don’t need to worry about it. Besides, its material and design make it a perfect decoration of your room. Let’s see its detailed introductions.

  1. It has seven adjustable and open shelves which can be used as a display area.
  2. It also has hidden storage behind doors for you to store some sundries
  3. TV shelf in the middle supports up to 95 lbs TV
  4. Dimensions 16.5 x 71.5 x 62.1 inches
  5. Made of wood, this product has a beautiful color, Cinnamon Cherry

Reason to buy

  1. It’s finely made of high quality wood, so its solidity and durability shouldn’t be suspected.
  2. It provides you enough storage room, including a large TV shelf, seven open shelves and the hidden storage area. It’s a perfect entertainment TV stand.
  3. Among buyers, it has good reputation because of its beautiful appearance, good quality and low price.

Best Price

On Amazon, you will take 100 less to get this product. It means that it cost you less than 300 dollars which is quite reasonable and attractive.

Monarch Specialties White Hollow-Core Euro 70 Inch TV Console For 60 Inch TV

TV Stand for 60 Inch TVHere comes the third product, it looks similar to the second one. It has enough storage area, for example 4 open concept storage cabinets. Besides, it’s made of hollow core board (MDF) / PVC which are durable to use and quite solid. Those thick accent metal legs will support firmly this stand in order that your TV can be placed safely. The most important is that, spacious smooth surface and sleek profilecan support any new flat screen TV (up to 70”). When it comes to the color, this product offers you three choices, white, black and cappuccino.In a word, if you prefer a simple TV stand with large storage area, you can take it.

Reviews of users

It’s well built and of solid quality. Someone puts its 75 inches TV on it and it fits well. But it seems that it’s quite difficult to assemble it. However, you will get what you pay for. Spend less than 300 hundred dollars and get a nice, useful and durable TV stand for you home, isn’t a bargain?

Furniture of America Kirry Multi-Storage Walnut 70 Inch TV Stand,Good Value TV Stand For 65 Inch TV

TV STAND FOR 65 INCH TVIf you think the first one is too high and too large, you can take a look at this one which is simpler. It has four open shelves which are perfect for DVD player or gaming consoles. Besides, it’s also equipped with two large, handle-less drawers which are easy and ample storage area. You don’t need to worry about its quality, because it’s constructed of sturdy MDF and Walnut wood veneers. So it’s durable and long-lasting. And you can check its overall dimensions to find if it’s suitable for you room or not, it measures 71″W x 16″D x 20″H. In a word, it’s a piece of furniture which is suitable for placing your TV, your entertainment devices and other things.

Reviews of users

I find that it gets high score on Amazon and it seems that no one think poorly of it. It goes well with all kind of decoration styles of your room. Besides, it’s of high quality, so it holds TV well. Although it takes some time to assembler, it’s solid enough and good to look. However, someone complains on the two side drawers which are weird.

What should be your choice?

If you prefer some simple types, you can take the second and the third one, but if you like a large one, you can take the first one. There’s no doubt that the first one has the most storage space. If I were you, maybe I will take it because of its special style, large storage room and solid quality. It can even be used as a display shelf at home. After reading our article, Idon’t know whether you have picked the best 70 inch TV stand or not. If you haven’t decided yet, you can go to Amazon and search for these Best Affordable Modern TV stand For 50/60/65 Inch TV that I have mentioned in this article for further knowing.


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