Best Affordable 60 inch TV Stand (Top 5 Of 2017)

Last week my friend bought a new LCD TV but spent the whole weekend struggled to pick up a TV stand which is always considered to be an afterthought. They asked me for help and after a long time checking the information online, I’m ready to share what I’ve found with you guys. Hopefully this will do some good to those who are also annoyed with picking a suitable 60 Inch TV stand.

Isn’t it nice that you don’t need to go through that entirewebsite but also get to know the trends of TV stand these days? So you’d better poked out your eyes and focus on my report about the best affordable 60 inch TV stand of 2017 right now.

Comparison chart:Best Affordable 60 inch TV stand Of 2017

Just for the record, this article only talks about the size 60 inch TV stand, so besides size it may also do you no harm as a reference. This guide is aimed at helping you value the different factors which infect the performance of a TV and find the perfect match.

Things you should consider when picking a TV stand

How big is your viewing room?

Consider your room as an important factor when choosing a TV stand. Since in the end you should make the stand fit into your room’s decoration style. If your viewing room is not that big then a space-saving stand may be a better choice while a long grand stand for a fancy house.

How much room do you expected the TV stand to take?

On the one hand the TV stand does take some of your viewing room’s space, but on the other hand, you can also put things into it such as DVD player and gaming devices. So you should do the math before you go for it on the internet.

How much are you willing to pay?

A TV stand can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars but sometimes you can also find a bargain which is both cheap and fully functional. But remember that every penny has its value so don’t expected to buy a high quality one with very low budget. Just go with your budget.

Best Affordable 60 inch TV Stand (Top 5 Of 2017)

Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch Black TV stand, Ravenwood Black

What I’m about to show you is a piece of great entertainment. You see that this TV is able to accommodate most TVs up to 65 inch, which is big enough for most if the families. With engineered wood this stand is improved both on the strength level and durability. In the meanwhile, this stand offers several draws for storage use such as closed door and open shelves. The most important thing is that this stand shows great taste after easily assembling, which stands for a contemporary style. Don’t miss this one or you will regret it!


  • the simple construction is specially designed for people to assemble it back at home so the introduction is as understandable as you can imagine
  • ravenwood black finish shows great quality and capacity when holding up the TV
  • the glass door allows the rays to pass through so you can remote even when the door is closed
  • large storage room for DVD\CD components and so on
  • the center shelf is adjustable which you can create space when needed

Reasons to buy

  • The price cannot be more reasonable for that you can save 30% off and bought a ravenwood TV stand for only 140$.
  • It is a very fancy and beautiful stand which would be a perfect choice if you your decorations are almost in dark colors.
  • The boards which needs to be assembled are very solid and time proof. You can count on it to use for years by no accident.

Customer review

There are a lot of much more expensive stands out in the market but I think this 60 inch tv stand I bought have the strength to compete with them for the value to its performance. I don’t think I can find another one in this good shape anywhere else.

Monarch 60 inch White TV stand with Drawer

Do you want to make your viewing environment much more enjoyable? Then check this TV stand out. Accommodated up to a 60 inch TV, the hollow-core board is strong enough to hold a TV’s weight. The outstanding outlook presents you with a very fine sight-enjoyment, just imagine that everyone who comes to your house with a admiring glances. Doesn’t that soundsatisfying? Still, under its beautiful surface, you can also find a fully functional inherent. Several open drawers and a single storage drawer provide you with enough space to store your personal stuffs.

Price analysis

You would save a total about 30 dollars on the basic of the original price, which is not much but also make the former low price even more cheaper.

Customer review

The color and style are the same as pictures show you online. This affordable 60 inch TV stand is nice and solid and looks great in my room.

Sauder Harbor View Entertainment Credenza, (Cheap 60 Inch Wood TV Stand)

I think you are looking at the “Hercules” in the field of TV stand right now. although the stand can only hold a TV no larger than 62 in, it can hold a weight at almost 135 pounds at most which is quite solid compared with other stands on the markets. The easy design of two adjustable shelves provides you with full access to put your audio equipment. What’s more, the gentle brown color of finish will definitely make your room looks cozier.

Price analysis

I consider this a real bargain because it save you 31% off the original price which is a total 80$! You can save much more if you go with the white color.

Customer review

The price is within our range and the color is very near what we want. All in all me and my husband both speak highly of this purchase and will definitely recommend it to our friends.

Sauder Harbor View Entertainment Credenza (Modern 60 Inch TV Stand)

As you can see this one is the same as the one above, the difference is that this one goes with a much bright white color. Also with two adjustable shelves and a drawer, there will be no problem to store your video equipment along with some DVDs and so on. The thing is that you can tell by just look at it that this material is not cheap at all. With a high quality of wood it will make your TV stand a true entertainment center!

Price analysis

The price is very reasonable which only cost you 164$ including the free shipping. 25% has been taken off from the former 217$ so if you think this price is much of competitive, you should go for it.

Customer review

The box is heavy but well-packaged. It wasn’t take very long until I put the boards together and the first sight I saw the new stand I think everything was worth it.

Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza, Estate Black

Last piece of purchase I’d like to recommend you is a great modern furniture which will certainly catch your eyes. With safety proved glass door, you can lock some of your precious things into the drawer. Two adjustable shelves ensure you to store the DVD and other equipment. Some of he components is available for free replacement. If you like it, contact Amazon for more informations right now.

Price analysis

I almost screamed out when I laid my eyes on the price. You are not hearing it wrong; the discount is truly 47% off. With a price ofabout $200, I think you can no longer find a cheaper one of this high quality.

Customer review

This is a perfect 60 INCH TV stand for our 60 inch Samsung. The storage space is very large and all the things are placed in order thanks to the shelves. Besides, the look and dark finish is really fitting our decoration style.

My recommendation

With so many similar items on the market nowadays, picking the best affordable 60 Inch TV stand can sometimes be really hard.For me, personally I would go for the first item because the outlook is fabulous and the inside is strongly functional. However I have the confidence that with my purchasing guide you must have made a choice.


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