Best 70 Inch TV Stand (Top 5 Of 2017)

Hi, this is Patrick and welcome! Today I’m going to show you something I summarized about how to choose an affordable 70 inch TV stand. In the large market of TV stand gallery right now you will find it very difficult to pick the perfect match for your TV. People don’t often see this task as an important thing to do, however a suitable TV stand can provide with a much more visual enjoyment without any doubt.

So right now you’d better pay attention to what I’m going to tell you below cheap 70 inch tv stand, because maybe one of your best choices is among the optional.

 Comparison chart:Best 70 Inch TV Stand Of 2017

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You should know that before you picking a 70 TV stand it is very important for you to take many different options available into consideration. What I did is sorting out information for you but in the end the decision is yours. But in the meanwhile I will keep this article updated all the time to make sure you catch up with the latest news.

Tips for you when choosing a 70 inch TV stand online


Different materials tend to show you a totally different viewing environment. You see that TV stands are made into variety styles and one thing matters the most is to see if the stand matches your furnishing style. Wood stands are more appropriate for traditional style while a metal one may suit with a European modern design.

Measuring your room

On the basis of your room size, it is very important that what you buy isn’t too big or too small for decorating your room but just take as much space as necessary. If your TV is beyond 60 inch and you don’t want your room to seem crowed then a corner stand may fit you just well.

Set a reasonable budget

For most of you who are eager to decorate your new room with a TV stand, the price can also be a factor. Since the stands range from a hundred dollars to almost as high as thousands of dollars, you should make your choice that fits your expectations. Remember that the basic standard for a TV stand is that if it can support the weight of the television. Don’t sacrifice quality just to save money.

Top 5 Of Cheap 70 Inch TV Stand Of 2017

Furniture of America Kirry Multi-Storage (Cheap 70 Inch TV Stand)

Do you want to make your room look both gentle and fragrant? Then this is the best 70 inch TV stand I can find for you. With a low level of viewing environment you can enjoy home theater effect by placing your TV on this multi-storage TV stand. The sturdy wooden construction assures its long-lasting quality and can stand the weight of almost every television set. You can see four concise storages which are big enough for you to put into your DVD player, games and many other sundries.Only by a click of the website you can have this superb TV stand at home, so quickly check on the Amazon right now.


  • two large drawers and four open shelves big enough for you to store things
  • solid compressed wood with durable quality which can last for a very long time
  • roomy enough to decorated every TV sets
  • two finishes available for beech and walnut
  • brief and decent design which shows great taste
  • provide with ease access to those media stuffs

Reasons to buy

  • If you are eager to save space then this 70 inch stand will fit your expectations just well. Compared with other TV stands, this one not only has drawers but also with open shelves.
  • As for the price, I guarantee you this is the best you can find for this standard quality. What’s more, it looks much more expensive than the original price.
  • If you want to be praised by the visitors to your house, this one will satisfy your pride.

Customer review

The direction is very clear which only took me about 3 hours to assemble this TV stand. Just as what I’ve imagined, this is very solid and beautiful furniture and suits my 70 inch TV just well.

 Sauder Entertainment Center (Modern 70 Inch TV Stand)

What you are looking at isn’t just a TV stand; it is also a small amusement park if you say so.With 7 adjustable shelves and 2 cabinets, you can not only place your TV on it but also display some of your favorite decorations. You will find your living room neat and organized if you buy this one which is big enough for storage.Last but not the least the solid wood can hold up to a 95 pounds item. Make sure you check this on the Amazon.

Price analysis

You can save a 7% off the price for this item which isn’t much but consider its former low price;I say it is a real bargain.

Customer review

I love this cherry color and it fits my living room wonderfully. So far it has been very reliable and made our home much more entertaining.

Sonax B-207-CHT Holland ( Large 70 Inch Wide TV Bench)

This decent 70 inch TV stand is accommodated up to an 80 inch TV which is big enough for almost every family. As you can see the stand is 5 inches high and weighs about 83 pounds which is quite low and small. But don’t worry about its weight capacity because of the solid wood material. With an extra wide component bench you can make every use of the storage room as you like.

Price analysis

Almost 40 dollars will be saved if you bought it on the Amazon right now. the price is very reasonable because the material is with high quality and compared with other same quality products I think this 300 dollars is the lowest you can find.

Customer review

I purchased this TV stand for my new 80 inch LED TV and it fits very well. The style is very close to Ikea but only with a lower price and much easier to assemble. Iwould highly recommend it to my friends.

Simpli Home Artisan Wide W0oden 70 Inch TV Stand

I can’t believe my own eyes when I find this bargain. This medium auburn brown Artisan style TV stand can enhance your viewing pleasure and ultimately make your big TV feels like it has to belong here. There are plenty of storage spaces for your media equipment and gaming devices such as two adjustable cabinets formed by glass. By looking at it you can see Asia spirit in it which shows great taste of old time fashion.

Price analysis

This item offers a 36% discount which is nearly 250 dollars. You are not capable of finding a lower price since according to a good reputation from 325 customers who purchased before.

Customer review

This 70 inch TV stand is with great quality by its solid wood material and goes far exceeded my expectations. I don’t even have to treat it like a TV stand but like an entertainment center.

Furniture of America Roca Contemporary 70 inch TV Stand

You better check this one and take a chance.This 70 TV stand is kind of a modern art with multiple usages. For those who are within a limited budget this TV stand can count as a real bargain. You can pull out the drawers very smoothly and there is enough space for storing. All in all, you can totally count on this to enhance your viewing environment..

Price analysis

The price after discount is about 200 dollars which saves you 14% off the original price. Compared with other TV stands this one is definitely not expensive but with high quality.

Customer review

The instruction is easy to understand and it only cost me 2 hours to put everything together. I consider it as a very solid item with great quality. The wood is beautiful and the space is big enough for my CD and other machines.

My recommendation

As for me, I personally would prefer the first 70 inch TV stand because of its reasonable price and multi-functions. The most important factor is that the look is so fashion and I can’t stop thinking about making my room like that style. Just go with your gut and quickly check them on the Amazon right now!